Hey, what's up guys we did malfunction last time but this time it's gonna be perfectly a growth. Because we are perfectly good that's right... Let's start with this would you rather question number one...

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Would you rather always take cold showers or never feel anything cool?

Oh! I can't take cold showers. I'm not even joking so, but I want to be able to eat ice cream or things like that on a hot day or go on a cold shower on a hot day. So I think always take.

Would you rather be a morning person or a night owl?

Now, I could be more of a night owl because the morning person it's just too early always.

Would you rather play Pac-man or play space invaders?

Well, Pac-man is the best game in my opinion but space invaders are pretty good too. Actually, I have no idea what space invader is.  But I'll play Pac-man.

Would you rather have a stomachache or have a headache?

Stomach aches, girls are going to get those when they have their period but a headache not as bad.

Would you rather speak every language except your language you're in or all or speak all leave the language of the country you're in but know the meaning of every single word in that language? 

Oh! then you know the language the country you're in. I'm in Canada the tens on POW Canadian and in the tender this French-English there's a whole bunch of different language. So, I love to speak every single language except my language which is kind of English. very very just
Would you rather make out your cousin or wear cut off shorts your whole life and never taking them off?

No! sorry I can't make it.

Would you rather live in a tree house or live in a floating boathouse?

So, whoa tree house of course. Trees are there always happen to get it.

Would you rather toilet paper a house or egg a house?

I love eggs, I love throwing eggs at a house said me fun but that wouldn't do either.

Would you rather loose one arm and one foot or loose a hand or a leg?

An arm is like the whole thing.  I mean there are mechanical hands and the mechanical leg but I don't think so I mechanical shit or mechanical arms. I don't think they have full-on arms that mechanical. So I think I'd lose one not gonna.

Would you rather have three nipples or have one nipple?

I don't know, I don't know, I don't know.

Would you rather have to hold pee all day or have to go pee every 5 minutes?

I'll have to hold your pee all day, of course, I'm not going to go pee every five minutes. Super easy.

Would you rather be a student the rest of their life or be a teacher the rest of your life?

I'm a teacher no Nyjah teaching kids is fun. Really funny, but add like I have the pic to teach. I wouldn't want to listen for smaller then I have two people learning things I already know.

Would you rather shoot a shotgun or shoot a handgun?

I don't want to shoot any but I think I would maybe shoot the handgun, the smaller could do less damage. but

Would you rather kill your best friend for one melon or be killed and end world hunger?

Be killed and end world hunger like so many people freaking hungry.

Would you rather live a life knowing there's a god and die to find out there isn't one or live a life knowing there is no god, and die to find out them?

I live a life and find out and then when I die to find us if there is a god that'd be cool. because then like God and I know. what if I believed in it and the one no but I'd be quite sad.